Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 7 Days 1/2/3

So far been a pretty slow week, but with good results :)  Monday I waited for the gas guys to come, then purged the instrument all afternoon.  In the evening I ran the samples from last week.

Tuesday I reviewed the data.  Unfortunately back when we made the samples the scale freaked out and started spitting out weird numbers, so I when I put those masses back into the analysis I got back all negative ion counts.  Obviously something went wrong there.  Fortunately the scale was fine when we made the buffer samples, and we don't really care about the Spin 7/8 samples for the graph.  Plus I had enough nucleosomes left to make up another set of NCP samples to run.  So thats what I did.  I made the samples and we had enough argon left to run the spectrometer again.

Today I came in and reviewed the corrected data, and it looks beautiful!  Tiny error bars and the correct trend.  To bad Andresen isn't here to (celebrate? can we do that yet?) and look over the data.  Here are the graphs though, what do you think?

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