Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 8 Day 1-2

In the last couple days I have gone through the steps of another trial.  Spun friday, made samples and ran monday/ tuesday.  This time per Andresen request I ran the samples out, 4 times.  I will average the data and take the standard deviation from those 4 trials.  The I will go through the same steps of analysis to come up with my graphs.  Looks good in the preliminary raw data.  Will see how I feel later on tomorrow.

On another note I ran the chlorine and bromine calibrations I made.  Lets just say the spectrometer didn't detect any difference in the  0 ppm Br and the 1000 ppm Br samples.  The chlorine detected something, but the correlation is really bad.  For both of these elements when you go to look at the spectra in the offline Winlab mode, there really is no peak to see.  Perhaps the spectrometer isn't looking at the right wavelength?  More thought will be put into this.

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