Friday, May 30, 2014

Week One Day Four: The Chickie Buffer

After starting the ICP- OES, I created 5 mL samples including 50 uL of the samples provided that consist of DNA with 1 mM Cobalt2+ and varied amounts of Sodium+ ions dissolved in a solution of KCl and Tris. The samples had sodium amounts from 0 to 80 mM. The samples were run with the calibration of cobalt, sodium and phosphorus that were created previously. I had the chance to modify the method for this run from the method used yesterday. The ICP was then put on standby for Monday and I have several graphs to make on Monday based on the data from today's run. Hopefully I can put a few of them in on Monday once they are completed.


I almost forgot to mention a revelation I had while Prof. Andresen was explaining the physics (mostly thermo) behind what we are attempting to do. For over ten years, studies have been undertaken to determine why, under certain conditions that I don't remember exactly, DNA will attract another DNA even though they are both negatively charged. The Poisson- Boltzmann equation fits what is observed except for the attraction part. In lab, we are trying to evaluate what is causing this attraction. This leads to my revelation, Prof. Andresen explained this to me today and all I thought about was a scene in Chasing Liberty (a movie about the president's daughter on an adventure in Europe) and the part where the president's daughter was a "Chickie buffer (that) negates the potential for man-touching-man discomfort" so that the two guys in the movie could hug with her between them. So this summer, I am trying to find the chickie buffer!

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