Monday, June 2, 2014

Settimana Due Giorno Uno

Oggi io ho letto molti documenti per il mio lavoro. In the morning I read up on optics, particularly relating to ccd cameras and camera focusing in general. A problem that we've encountered is that, while the focus from the back end of the objective in the setup may be infinity, we still need a way to resolve the picture so that it is in focus for the ccd camera. We need a lens, and a couple of other optics to get the setup to work properly.
I also began to document and review parts lists for other magnetic tweezers setups. I will begin comparing these groups' parts lists to our own, and figure out which are necessary.
Around 3.30, the motor control board and the motor itself arrived. I began to play with the motor control board by connecting it to my laptop via usb. A green light came on flashing on the board, which is a good sign. After a little hassle, I believe that I have my laptop using the right driver for the control board. Hopefully my pc will now recognize the device.

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