Sunday, June 8, 2014

BioSAXS Controls Video

Video of System Running: The first computer screen shows a spreadsheet of all the runs with information about each run; what it is, how many seconds its exposed for each image, how many images, and the time that the run began. The second computer screen controls the spec to make each run start and to vary the time of the run. This screen also controls the sample cell to tell it to move the sample left or right, to oscillate and at what step size it should take. The TV screen above both shows what the camera sees so that the oscillations can be regulated and we can be sure that no aggregates or bubbles are in the cell. Above all of this is the sensors for I2, I3, GDoor and the diode. The diode does not give us much information. When I2 and I3 are large, that signifies the strength of the X-rays in the beam.

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