Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week Five: Thursday

Today I started by playing with the rotary motor. While it worked as expected following my port of the motor code to existing code that works for the other stepper motors, I had some difficulty figuring out what the exact unit was to make the motor do one full rotation. This actually took some time to calibrate. In the end, I had to find both how many steps the stepper motor took, and how many substeps the motor controller takes, multiply the two, and then for some reason multiply this number by three. This gives me how many sub steps are in one revolution for the motor. I then made this number be defaulted to 1, so that if the user entered in 1 for the unit the motor should turn, the motor will turn just 1 time. In order to ensure that the error in turning was minimized, I blew up the amount of turns the motor should take to 100. Thankfully, the motor stopped at the same spot it started at after 100 turns, indicating that the error is minimal.

By the afternoon, I had played with the code and camera interactions a little bit more. I noticed that there was a significant lag between what is displayed on the screen of the computer and movements that the camera actually sees. I believe, although I can't test this yet since I don't have the objective lens, that the portion of the code that generates the lookup table works as well.

The next steps will be to finish focusing the lens for the camera and to clean it. I also need to figure out how to attach the rotary motor, and the stepper motors to the XY table. There will probably be a significant amount of machining to do in the near future, which isn't ideal, but necessary.

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