Monday, June 23, 2014

Week Five: Monday


All four posts have been machined and are ready to be mounted. Also, the framegrabber for the camera arrived today. We placed this in the computer, installed the software, and set about trying to get the camera to work. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a power supply for the camera, so we rigged one up momentarily.

Attached camera with rigged power supply.
After a little hassle, we managed to get the camera working to show changes in light. Nothing was in focus of course because the focusing lens is not yet set in the lens tube. As of today, all of the files needed for the code to work are present, so all of the code is technically working, just not for us. My next step is to update the code for the remaining motors to be run off of our motor control board. After this is finished, all of the code should be working for us.

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