Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 2: Thursday

Today I reviewed the new LabVIEW code sent to us. We finally have our new computer up and running in the lab installed with LabVIEW. I managed to make the motor control board operate the motors through the supplier's LabVIEW code just as Dr. Andresen had. However, I found that the existing MT LabVIEW code could also run the motors. While I was quite pleased with this, I found it to be somewhat buggy, and had no way to make the motor move in the opposite direction, which is disappointing. I believe it to be a problem with some uninitialized values, which might be initialized or transformed in some other VI in the codeset.

For the rest of the day, I began looking at the, the part of the code that basically tells the motor control to move. It also does several other things, however, it's not functional right now, since there are several pieces of the code missing. With our optics in order and just waiting to be ordered, it is now my job to figure out how to get this section of the code running again, which should take a couple of days.

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