Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week Four: Tuesday

I began my day by trying to figure out why the .flx files generate errors, even when they are being used for the same motor control board as in the code. What I found was that a separate motor control board was being used for the other stepper motors. So, my next task which I already started today successfully is to port the code for these stepper motors for use with our motor control board. To do this, I took the code that already works for our stepper motors that will move the xy table, and began to allow it to move the other stepper motors. I managed to successfully do this with the stepper motor for the objective. 

The current driver and power supply for the LED arrived today, allowing us to play with the LED for a little bit of fun. Here's the mess it's in now:

The LED with the attached current driver. Trust me, it works.
Towards the end of the day Professor Andresen began to show me how to use the different machines in the workshop. We managed to machine one of the four posts that will hold up the rest of the tweezers set up. So now, the lab looks like this:
The post that Professor Andresen machined. 1/4" 20 tapped holes on both ends.

How the floating table looks now. It's all coming together. 


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