Monday, June 2, 2014

Week Two: Monday

I analyzed the data collected from my final run last week to determine the quality of the run based on the knowledge I have about how the concentrations of cobalt, sodium and phosphorus change with increasing sodium levels. Using the fact that each of the samples increased in sodium from 0 mM to 80 mM, I created Excel graphs to show the relationships between each of the ions and also how the system competitively behaves. I also determined the relative proportions of cobalt and sodium in solution and created a graph to show their congruence relative to the amount of phosphorus detected. This is shown in the graph below. 

The error bars are rather large so I will be adding a second run of the same samples to clean the graphs up. Today, Steve and I also had a group meeting with Prof. Andresen to discuss the current state of our experiments, mostly so each of us understand what the other is doing, and also discussed what we will be doing for the next two weeks. 

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