Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 8 - Day 4

Today we tested johns results, and although they looked better than mine, they are not as close as we wanted them to be. So we were left wondering what was wrong with either the machine, the stocks or us! Well, we ruled the machine out because Ben's results were good. We were on the verge of ordering new stock solutions when professor Andresen decided to check the sprayer in the machine( spectrometer) and found out it was kind of clogged and worn out. He changed it with a new one and we hoped that as the problem with the machine. So I made some more solutions are we quickly tested them. Surprisingly we got really good results but there was a little problem because the measured concentrations of Mg we measured were in multiples of 10 of what I actually prepared. This might have been a mistake on my part so we decided to make more solutions tomorrow.

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