Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I averaged all of the ICP runs from the past two weeks and compiled them onto one Excel spreadsheet. I then began looking at the Na/Co ion competition more thoroughly using the article Prof. Andresen and John Giannini collaborated on a few summers ago, "Ion Competition in Condensed DNA Arrays in the Attractive Regime" as a guide. I tried to use the ion binding model used in the article to analyze the relationship between the number of ions near the DNA arrays and the solution's ion concentrations. This involved finding a constant, ξ, to relate the two sets of numbers (aka. the squiggle). After rearranging the formula given for a simplified ion binding model, I found a ξ for each data point. I took a rough average and an actual average and compared the values found using the ξ against the data from the ICP (shown below).
As you can see, the model only fits the middle three points. This could be due to my own error in calculating each point, the assumptions I made when using the model, the interactions due to Cl- that I neglected, or the model might not accurately represent this data. 

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