Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Error Bars

The ICP data from the sodium/potassium trial had extensive error bars due to the large range of sodium and potassium concentrations tested. It was impossible to measure a difference of a few ppm over top of a background concentration of 300 ppm. To resolve this I dialyzed some of the nanoparticles from the previous dialysis with water to clear out the background salt and leave only the gold nanoparticles with anything bound to them. The ICP data for those samples had much smaller error and very interesting results. It showed that there was 1 Na for every 4 sulfurs and 1 K for every 7 sulfurs. Going forward I am going to repeat this process with the water dialysis a few more times get more data and confirm that the data is repeatable.
Before Water Dialysis

After Water Dialysis

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