Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sodium v Potassium: Round 1

On Monday, I started making a brand new batch of PSS coated NPs. I still have a good portion of the last batch but I wanted to make sure that the data we were seeing was reproducible. On Tuesday, I characterized these particles and ran equilibrium dialysis on them with NaCl and KCl in parallel. This way, I hope to compare the absorption of Na and K ions. Today, I characterized the resultant nanoparticle samples and ran all the samples in the ICP 4 times with 2 different calibrations. If the data is reproducible I hope to see 4 Na per S like last week's run. The charge on all of the dialyzed nanoparticles since I modified the protocol to dilute with the dialysis buffer has been negative, which matches our original expectations.

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