Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3

Ben has basically said all we did today at the lab and has given a little lecture on the Necleosome core particles(NCP),but i will add a little to that. I will explain a little about the experiment that was done on the NCP he talked about. As he said already, the NCP has a net negative charge and so the experiment involved adding two different cations ,namely a magnesium ion and a spermidine ion to a solution containing the NCP.These ions were added separately in two different experiments. The behavior of the NCP was observed as they precipitated when the ions were added but also came out in re-dissolution when the number of ions added reached a certain threshold. They used different concentrations of the NCP to see the different behaviors it will have. We learned that, the lower the concentration of the NCP was, the greater the interaction it had with the ions. We will keep you posted, but for now the second half of the international factor is out till tomorrow.

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