Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Summer Begins Anew

What an exciting time! This summer we have one returning researcher, John Giannini, and two new researchers, Olayinka O. Fasawe (Fash) (below) and Ben Constable (right). These two will be taking the reins on the nucleosome work that I just got funding for through the Research Corporation Cottrell College Science awards. They will be looking at all of the interesting ways that ions interact with nucleosomes and how these ions sometimes manage to make the nucleosomes behave in peculiar ways. John will be continuing his research on DNA condensation.

In addition to helping them all with this work, I'll be working on a project that uses x-ray scattering to study these same nucleosomes. It should be a busy summer!

But with this talent and the wonderful resources available to us, we're ready for it!

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