Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 4- Last day of reading

We rounded up reading the articles we had to cover today. We read the "Physics of Chromatin" article by Helmut Schiessel. This article was like an all round summary of all the other articles we read during the week. First , it talked about the structure of the Nucleosomes, then proceeded to say that DNA is packed in a way that the information would be easy to access even though it is packed in a complex way.

Next, we read about how an increase in ionic strength makes the DNA thicker and hydrogen bonding being responsible for the linking between the DNA- backbones and the histones surrounded by the DNA.

The paper also confirmed once more that counter ion release was responsible for overcharging. The paper ended by using a sphere ad chain model to explain the DNA and histone interaction in three different cases.
1) weakly charged
2) strongly charged and
3) physiological condition

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