Monday, June 19, 2017

6th week, New trial digestion with some changes.

Wow! it's the sixth week, seems like time never stops and always keeps moving. Well today is a Monday, which are never a good feeling but we gotta hang in there. I started my day by going over the results with Professor Andresen, in order to come out with a solution or a new procedure. Eventually professor Andresen did came out with a new procedure which is the same procedure has before but with slightly different trial digestion. Instead of creating different samples of our solution by adding different amounts of micrococcal nuclease, we instead only made two  50 micro-liters of solution which contain different amounts of micrococcal nuclease. I places this solutions into the heater for 37 degrees Celsius and took out 5 micro-liters of each solution at a specific time. The different times that we assigned were 5, 20, and 40 minutes, with another sample that lasted about 2 hours. This procedure accomplished the task of creating different sizes of DNA  by letting the microccocal nuclease eat up the nucleic acids and taking small amounts of sample at different times and stopping the process by adding EDTA. Once this process was finish, I continued the trial digestion with the same procedure as before by using proteinase K and SDS. In the mean while, I created a new gel in order to put the trials in tomorrow. I also made more TBE buffer to used the next day. All this procedure took approximately the whole day due to the unfortunately broken wrist I got. All is well and I could still work, and that's really important to me because I never give up on something I start.

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