Friday, June 9, 2017

The rest of week # 4 Preparation for new sample of chicken blood

The rest of the week I kept washing the chicken blood with KTM and Triton X-100 in order to wash away the fat surrounding the cell. In order to wash the blood, I used 20 micro-liters of KTM and 70  micro-liters of Triton X-100 for each sample and spin it in the centrifuge with a force of 3600xg for 10 minutes at 4 degrees Celsius. Throughout the day I just kept washing the chicken blood and made more KTM because I was running out. This process kept on going from Thursday to Friday because I still had red solution in my sample which is not what I was looking for. This process continued until I can obtain white/clean nuclei. On Friday I was able to see results from washing the chicken blood and I could see white/clean nuclei for two of my four samples. I ran the same procedure for the two solutions once again and I was finally able to get white/clean nuclei for all my solutions. Figure #1 shows how the chicken blood must look after all the washes with KTM and Triton X-100.

Figure #1 White clean Nuclei
After this was done, I once again wash the clean nuclei with just KTM in order to get rid of the Triton X-100. I did this procedure twice and by the time I was done the day was over. The washing of the chicken blood takes a good amount of time due to the amount of Triton X-100 that I added but for future reference I would recommend starting with at least 80 to 100 micro-liters of Triton X-100 and go down on the volume from there.

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