Friday, June 16, 2017

Final day of Week #5. Finally able to see Results

Its Friday! It is always good to come to work on a Friday because you feel at easy with yourself and work just for the fact that once this day is over, you can rest for two whole days.
Well I started my day out by making more TBE buffer, which consist of 50 ml of TBE (Tris-Borate-EDTA buffer) and 450 ml of DI water. Once I was done making this buffer I made two DNA ladder, DNA ladder is a solution of DNA molecules of different known lengths and is used to run along side our samples in order to estimate the size of our samples. Once this was done, I prepared an extra micro-centrifuge tube with only 1 micro-liter of our chromatic supernatant, 9 micro-liters of 60% sucrose and 10 micro-liters of DI water. I made this extra sample in order to see how it looks on the gel without the trial digestion. For the solutions who already had already been through the trial digestion, I took 1 micro-liter from each and added them to new micro-centrifuge test tubes with the same numbers label in order to not get mix up. I also added 9 micro-liters of 60% sucrose and 10 micro-liters of DI water to the new test tubes. Once this was done I was ready to add them into my gel. The solutions on the gel can be seen in figure #1.
Figure #1 Samples added to Gel
Once I loaded all of my samples into the gel, I set the voltage to 100 volts and waiting until a blue line reached 5 cm. While I was waiting for this process to happen, I started to unpack all of the materials that we ordered in order to have more stock available to used in the future. It was like Christmas morning, unpacking all of the boxes. See figure #2 
Figure # 2 Material needed for present and future usage
Once the unpacking was done, our shelves finally looked like they had material in it and it looks awesome. See figure #3
Figure #3 More beakers to make more Buffer

When all of this was done and my gel was finally done, I took the gel and used a special UV light to the results. Unfortunately once again we didn't get the results we wanted. After I saw my results, I felt disappointed because I had worked so hard to get better results than last time but that didn't change the outcome. Like I said before in previous blogs, being a researcher is about working hard and trying to solve problems even if it means failing multiple times. It is hard to accept the results but my results just show me that I must work harder and try again until I get the results I want. 

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