Tuesday, June 6, 2017

First Days of week #4 Trial and Error

I started out my week by once again doing the Trial Digestion chromatin due to the results we kept on getting from our DNA and Gel test. I started my work where I create samples with proteinase K, which contain 5 micro-liters of digested chromatin that I had previously created, 5 micro-liters of Proteinase K that professor Andresen recently bought, 0.5 micro-liters of SDS and for this new trial I added 0.55 micro-liters of CaC12 to the sample. After all this solutions where added, I let the samples sit for 50 minutes at a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. While I was waiting for this to be done, I started preparing the gel once again. Once the gel was done, I placed the gel on the refrigerator for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Figure one depicts the machine use to heat up the samples.
Figure #1 Isotemperature 
Once the 50 minutes were up, I took out the samples and placed them into ice. By this time I got new micro-centrifuge tubes and took 1 micro-liter of solutions from samples and added it to the new test tubes. I also added 9 micro-liters of 60% sucrose and 10 micro-liters of DI water. I did this for each sample that we had, and I also added 1 micro-liter of blue dye in order to see it once we added into the gel. During this time I also made DNA latter which contain about 4 micro-liter of DNA ladder and 10 micro-liter of 60% sucrose. During this time I took out the gel out of the refrigerator but notice that I used the wrong Comb! and this was really bad because due to this I needed to redo the gel and this took about the whole day. Once I was done making the gel I let it sit on the refrigerator though out the night. In my spare time I kept washing the new chicken blood with KTM. Figure # 2 displays the right comb to used for the gel.
Figure # 2 Comb used to make holes in the gel. 
The next day I came back, I took out the gel out of the refrigerator once again and this time I had everything  ready to go so I put my samples in the gel and used a machine to provide voltage in order to move the DNA from one side to another. This process took about 5 hours and in the mean time I kept washing the Chicken blood with KTM. Once I came back from lunch, my gel was ready to be view by a UV machine. My results showed a better improvement on the last trials but It still wasn't good enough for what we were looking for. Now professor Andresen and I decided to redo everything from the beginning but this time we will used the new fresh blood that was bought recently  and see how this results come out and compare them our previous results. We aren't so sure why our results came out the way they came out but we are thinking it might have been with storing our chicken blood in the -80 degrees Celsius refrigerator might have something to do with it. I guess this is part of being a researcher, to keep trying and improving on previous results in order to progress and grow both has a researcher but also has a human being.

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