Friday, June 23, 2017

End week six

The last run of samples was supposed to be our most promising samples yet. It had looked like we were going to get not only quality data but in a large quantity as well. Unfortunately, something had gone awry. When we start with out citrate nano-particles they should be negative in charge, then we wrap them in PAH and they switch to positive charge, and then finally we wrap them in DNA and they switch charges a final time, back to negative. My first two Zeta tests were conclusive and yielded the expected results, however the final one simply doubled the number and did not switch the charge at all. Professor Andresen phoned a friend and we then scheduled a conference with Professor Thompson. Before we could have this conference however, I first had to prepare a power point presentation on my most recent bit of research. Dr. Thompson broke down several of the data pieces I am so accustomed to collecting and helped me better understand them. The UV-Vis is a lot more helpful then I know it to be, but I really need to learn how to overlay graphs on it, I am determined to learn this early next week when I have to use the machine again. The conference left me feeling very hopeful about the project. On Monday Professor Thompson is going to prepare more nanoparticles for me to use in my next batch of samples. He also suggested a much more appropriate way of preparing the PAH wrap and how to more properly purify them. I am hopeful that this will greatly improve the project. At the end of this week, I am wrapping it up by shearing DNA and looking forward to finally getting proper data next week.

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