Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 3 in a nutshell

Week 3 was more intensive than the previous two weeks. I lost track of the number of ITC runs that I performed over the last week.

I started week 3 by performing an ITC run with the same 5 mM DNA-NaCl solution from last week to check for experimental inconsistencies. The results displayed on the screen after 1.5 hours of continuous ITC humming produced well-consistent data. In order to stretch the plots between the binding and condensation phases even further, I created an 8 mM DNA-NaCl sample and ran it by the ITC machine. The integrated heat peak for the binding phase had been successfully stretched further after this ITC run, resulting in a larger number of plots between the phases. The experimental parameters were very similar in the two runs that I performed using the 8mM DNA-NaCl solution.

Furthermore, I also performed a second heat of dilution for the 6mM Cobalt Hexammine solution in order to account for one anomalous point in the first run. Subsequently, I subtracted this data from the other DNA-Cobalt Hexammine reactions in order to standardize the binding enthalpies involved in those reactions. This was week 3 inside the lab in a nutshell.

Outside the lab, we had an amazing time at the Tuesday brown-bag lunch. Everybody involved with the X-Sig summer research program on campus took part and we had our fair share of laughter and discussion there. On Wednesday, we had a dinner meet at the Quarry Pavilion. The food was amazing! I had a lot of fun outside work during this week.

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