Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I prepared and ran the other three trials of this second Tris and Mg series. When looking at the averaged results, there are several important things to note. First of all, there are several strange outlying points. In one sample, there was an abnormally large amount of magnesium. In two others, a strangely large amount of DNA precipitated, but there was little change in the ion concentrations. I will be looking more into what caused these random points. In general though, the results are very consistent and show an interesting pattern. As the PEG concentration is increased, the amount of DNA slowly decreases, and then towards the end it rapidly decreases. The Co and Mg concentrations stay fairly consistent over the range, which leads to a huge spike in contributed charges at the higher PEG concentrations. For the most part, the contributed charge by both ions adds up to around one, but when the spike occurs, the total goes up to above two. Some of this strange behavior could be coming from the comparatively large concentration of Tris?

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