Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 4 Day 2

Today we revisited last years NCP samples, from Xiangyun Qiu. The day began with a nervous visit to the cold room where we found a good set of UV data from a sample of NCP solution that was left to separate the night before. The picture to the right shows this sample, where particles in a solution were separated through a beaded solution by size. The high spike corresponds to the solution that contained the NCP. Using this graph we were able to pull about 50ml of NCP from the sample, a tone for the experiments we will be running in the future.

From here we centrifuged the NCP solution to create a highly concentrated solution of NCP. Tomorrow we will be using the sample to recreate Aurelie Bertin's experiments of observing the changing concentration of NCPs in varrying cation (Mg) solutions.

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