Friday, June 3, 2011

Week 3-Day 4

Today, we were involved in various activities in the lab. First we kicked of the day with presentations on pre-chosen articles. I talked about the electrostatics that has to do with the nucleosomes in general from the article " DNA inspired electrostatics".

Next, we continued trying to figure out how the optimum level at which the water we feed into the "chromatography" test tube comes out at the other end at the same rate in order to prevent the "beads" from drying up.

Next, we prepared the stock solutions of the NaCl and Triz solutions. Professsor andresen showed us,using the NaCl, how to go about measuring the right mass of the solutes and also the correct way to dilute them with the solvent( water) and then finally how to filter any dirt from the solution. Ben and I then proceeded to do thesame for the Triz solute .

Lastly, we had to dilute the stock solutions we made to a 1 litre solution. We did our calcutations and verified with Professor Andresen before proceeding with the dilution. We are looking forward to next week when we get deeper in the research!!

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