Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The adventures of T-money and J-pain

Today after a bit of reading on a nucleosome project I began measuring the amount of absorption of different wavelengths as the were shown through the DNA sample. For every trial i would add a small amount of MgCl to the solution and mix it up. As the amount increased there were white clouds that appeared which were the nucleosomes clumping together and falling to the bottom. My results didn't show what we were looking for and after a bit of thought the Professor determined that we needed to take a few more trials before we got the results we wanted. Tomorrow I will continue adding more MgCl to the solution and hopefully will get to the point where most of the DNA clumps to the bottom and the amount of absorption decreases and then as more MgCl is added the DNA will somehow unclump and reappear at the top of the solution.

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