Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15

Yesterday we went to a pretty crazy farm to get our chicken blood. The experience was crazy what with the way they killed the chickens, the machine they used to get the feathers off, and the chanting women in a factory line plucking the rest of the feathers. After we got back to campus we began by separating the blood evenly to seven tubes and then putting them through a centrifuge at 2000 times g. after ten minutes we took the samples and removed the plasma, the yellow liquid at the top that had been separated from the blood. We then carefully removed the white coat that sat on top of the red blood cells. This was a lengthy process because it involved us washing the blood with a solution the professor made, running in the centrifuge, and then carefully removing the wash and whatever white stuff we could. After doing this three times we were finally down to just red blood cells and we put those into new tubes and froze them at -70 c.

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