Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today I increased the amount of MgCl I added to the solution in order the speed up my result process. For a few trials my solutions stayed at or below the .1 concentration mark but as time progressed my concentrations began to increase at around 48 micro liters of MgCl being added to the DNA solution. This meant that the nucleosomes that had clumped together earlier and fallen to the bottom of the solution were breaking apart and floating back up to the top. I never got my results up to a definite high concentration because as I kept taking data the Professor noticed that the amount of absorption at the 280 nm mark was very high and getting higher which according to him meant that there were excess proteins in the solution which could be the result of bacteria growing in the solution. I think the problem might have been that I started out with very small amounts at the beginning which slowed my result process and caused it to be a lengthy experiment. Also the solution that i was using were leftovers and might have just been too old. I hope to try and redo this experiment after we create our new nucleosome solutions in the following weeks and plan to use my results from this trial to influence how I go about taking data with the next experiment.

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