Thursday, June 17, 2010

june 17

Today I began by combining 3 nucleosome samples together and using the spectrometer to see how good the sample was. Unfortunately it wasn't a good sample and I kept getting this weird peak in my data at 300nm and then had a slow decline to 220nm. So we skipped those nucleosomes and I tested two more samples that we had. The first had the same curve and the second had the curve we wanted but it was already diluted too much to be of any use to us. After that i tested the last two nucleosome samples that were in the freezer and the first one had kind of the curve we wanted but it peak was from 280-240 nm. The last sample had exactly the peak we wanted but the professor had no idea what was in it. He decided we would go over to the biology department and test the DNA to see how many base pairs it had but we found out we were missing a chemical we needed to do the test so we have to wait. For the rest of the day i spent time gathering supplies and reading up on a similar experiment to the one I'm doing.

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