Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 23rd

Yesterday we continued the filtration of our DNA sample with additional centrifugation and stirring. We then proceeded to change the buffer of the solution by placing it in a dialysis bag with a different solution surrounding it overnight. I then ran a final test on my calibration of the spectrometer, in preparation to start testing on the actual samples today or tomorrow. I prepared three solutions of known concentration, and the results were fairly accurate, which is good. There seemed to be something wrong with the axial readings, because they were all negative, with very little intensity. We're going to do some maintenance on the spectrometer today and that should fix everything up. I also continued reading the electrostatics paper, and with Professor Andresen's help it began to make sense. I now know a bit more about the actual physics behind the competition of ions to be attracted to DNA, which is exactly what my tests will be studying as well.

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