Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1-2

Thursday was a pretty relaxed day as we waited for our DNA gels that shutdown over night to finish up. While we waited I read an paper on how Magnesium affects chromatin but it was a little dense and hard to understand so I'm still making my way through it. When we finally got our DNA gels and pictures of them we found that we had let them run too long and that the data we were looking for had run off the gels. But we had better looking gel than our first try so we are narrowing down our results and should get it the next time. Today I re-tested the old nucleosome samples to determine which one that we had was the best sample compared to our new DNA. after some confusion with the results I finally got the data and determined how much nucleosomes per gram are in the solution and how much we need in order to have a good comparison with our new DNA for the next time we run a gel.

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