Friday, July 16, 2010

Past few days

Basically in a nut shell we did another trial digestion using .1 microliters of nuclease instead of 1 microliter and we got the best results to date. We took our data and determined that we would get the best samples with a 20 minute digestion so we did a digestion on the rest of our chromatin. We set up our size separator in the cold room and as we were pouring in the chromatin the professor noticed that our tube had dried out making it useless, so we quickly poured our DNA out and lost a fair bit and then took the tube back to the lab to clean it out. However, during the cleaning we didn't use a Styrofoam sleeve to protect the glass and accidentally over tightened and broke our tube, so now we are at a stand still waiting for new materials. With my free time i have worked a lot on the website and did quite a fair bit of reading. Today I took the scatchard plot of the nucleosomes from a similar experiment to ours and used a program to scale and choose each of the points to figure out what their actual locations are and then turned it into a read-able graph that we will look at on Monday.

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