Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th

Today, I had the Spectrometer running the entire day, and I made it through all 4 trials that I wanted to run. So far, I have found all of the results to be fairly consistent with my first set of four trials, which is good news. I think that the new calibration standard may have helped to lessen the extreme errors I was getting with the eighth and tenth points. All together, I now have 8 trials that I can include in my report of my results so far. This should give us a very good idea of the patterns of the ion concentrations. Tomorrow, I am going to start preparing the second series, which is also a magnesium series. The second series goes from 0 to 45 mM Mg. I will also being finishing up my report of my work so far, which I will probably be putting up on here. Travis and I have been putting together a website that summarizes the work that we are doing, which can be seen here: This will be a good overall explanation of the theories and processes involved.

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