Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2nd

I spent most of today analyzing and writing up my results from the past few days. Some good news, is that the data sets are fairly consistent with each other. I graphed the charge that was contributed by both ions to compensating for the DNAs negative charge, and it actually appears to have a somewhat linear relationship. There are two points that do not fit the linear fit, the 8th point and the 10th. The 8th is somewhat disturbing, because it appears to be random. I originally thought I might have prepared the solution poorly, but now that I have run another differently prepared solution, I find that hard to believe. Who knows though, it is very possible it should be like that. The graph on the left is the average of the 3 data series that I have collected so far. It is also a little strange that there are often more than 1 total charge contributed by the sum of the Mg and Cohex, because DNA only has 1 negative charge per phosphate. Because the Mg and Cohex are normalized with the P concentration, there should never be more that 1 charge total. This suggests either some error, or some sort of overcharging. I am nearly done with the analysis paper I have been writing, and will most likely post it on here when it is finished. Next week I will be finishing analyzing this data, preparing the new calibration standard, and running as much more sample as possible.

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