Friday, June 15, 2012

ہفتے میں تین دن پانچ

This morning I finished my calibration samples. I also noticed a mistake in my buffers so I had to remake them too. After I did this we had our group meeting in the physics lounge. Dr. Good had some Good pizza. After lunch I put nucleosomes in new samples and spun them in the centrifuge with my buffers and then water. I did four spins with the buffers and 5 spins with the water. The water was supposed to only be 4 spins but I accidentally spun them a fifth time. When I retrieved my solutions after spinning, I weighed to find the amount of nucleosomes. My first sample had .0232g and my second sample had .0044g. This seems like a very large separation. I also added cobalt as an internal standard to the solution and filled up to 6 ml with water.

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