Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 2 Day 5

This morning I finished making the excel spreadsheets from yesterday pretty.  Also doubled the NCP dilutions for the mM concentrations because originally AP and KA diluted it to 200 ml instead of 100 ml accidentally.  Next I found the excess ions per nucleosome.  For this calculation the average P was the average of the two P data sets from the NCP data.  At the end of the morning we had a department meeting just to share with everyone what we are doing this summer.  In the afternoon I went over the data with Andresen.  It looks like it isn't good.  As the Na decreases, the Mg should increase.  But according to the data the Na and Mg increase together.  So I moved on to the second set of data.  File labeled Nucleosome Trial 4-AP.  I followed the same steps as last time, except this time I already had the excel spread sheets, so I just copy pasted stuff in and then made it look pretty.  Will talk about the results with Andresen on monday.

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