Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 3 Day 4; Sodium has it in for me

So today I ran three of those tests I was working on with the sodium.  Didn't even bother running the 4th because we were getting consistent data....that didn't match our actual concentration.  We tried analyzing it the normal way, and by taking away the calibration.  That didn't help.  So possibly it is because I calculated the concentrations in my sample wrong, since the spectrometer DID give us consistent calculated concentrations across trials.  So now I'm going to do a weighted average of each wavelength and sample to get one graph with error bars.  Then I am going to try remaking my samples to see if that was an issue.  I'm also thinking in spare time to do a little internet research...there must be some other frustrated scientist out there working with this piece of equipment who had the same issue and found a solution.....

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