Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week 2 Day 3

This morning Lauren and I ran the samples we made yesterday as well as the samples from last week. This took us the entire morning. After lunch we started to analyze this data. We saw that I accidentally made 2 samples of the same thing. The sample which was supposed to contain only water and cobalt also had P, Mg, and Mn in it as well. We were able to get around this by using one of Lauren's data points. We tried to learn how to export our data to excel and it gave us a lot of trouble. Eventually we got Professor Andresen to help us. Overall, Lauren and I learned a lot about using the spectrometer and the computer program without Professor Andresen guiding us through step by step. Tomorrow we will be further introduced to our individual projects and will being to work on them. We hope to have data by the end of next week.

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