Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 2 Day 1

Team America here.  Brian named us this after reading some of Fasch and Ben's posts from last summer, who called themselves the Internationals.  This morning we started out coming up with questions to guide our continued reading about our projects.

Clarification/ Reading Questions:
1.  Explain Poisson-Boltzmann Mean Field Theory
2.  Explain Figure 4 in the Bai article.  What is the upside down triangle symbol?
3.  What do the different histones do?  H1?
4.  What exactly is "nucleic acid thermodynamics"?
5.  Gelbart pg 39.  Help visualize attraction of macro ions.

Big Picture Questions:
1.  What work has been done on this project before me?
2.  Why do we use Na+ and Mg2+ ions in the experiment?
3.  Why are our ions all cations?
4.  What are the histone tails?
5.  Do the tails only come out when the chromatin is unwrapped, do we have to unwrap them first?

We also talked about what we learned so far and Brian and I explained to each other what each of our projects would be.  Then this afternoon we held a Team meeting.  Discussed the questions, got answers, and talked about what we learned and what else we could read articles about.  Goal for the end of the week: read 5 more articles.

Team America out.

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