Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 4 Days 3 and 4

So yesterday I ran three more trials on the spectrometer to measure Sodium.  After running about half the trials, I realized I put 1/10 the amount of cobalt I should have.  No worries, I just took out the internal standard in the analysis part!  Got back 2.81% error of the 0.6 ppm sample and 2.29% error on the 0.8 ppm sample.   That was after averaging all the data together.  Not too shabby!

Sample ID  
Calc Conc    Actual Conc SD               % Error

Sam 1 NaCo 0.5811 0.598 0.005   2.812361468
Sam 2 NaCo 0.8173 0.799 0.00636 -2.29319108

ps, can't get the formatting on that right....

So today we moved on to doing a trial run with out the nucleosomes.  Basically making up the samples to be spun and then run in the spectrometer and the calibration set.  I struggled all day with the calibrations and the pipets... But it's all ready to be run tomorrow!

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