Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 2 Day 4

First things first:  We have accepted a challenge to play laser tag.  Andresen's Lab vs. Thompson's Lab.

And the less (actually more) important aspects of the day...
Started out the first hour working on organizing the data from our samples run on tuesday while Brian talked to Andresen.  Then I had my hour with Andresen to talk about my project.  We looked over Alicia's data and talked about how I should go about the analysis.  The from the end of the morning through till 5 I worked with the Method in Winlab called Nucleosome Trial-AP.  To make the data more correlated I weighted the lower points more and took out point 7.  Then I exported the data and spent the afternoon organizing it.  See notebook and document named NucleosomeTrial-APc for the extensive data.  The last thing I did was set up an excel document to convert the diluted sample concentration to the original concentration.  Will continue analysis tomorrow.

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